Rabobank Identity Services

Entering a completely new market as an established bank

Taking a new direction

Rabobank developed a new service for organizations that want to guarantee their customers an easy and secure identity check. With Rabo Identity Services, reliable digital identity verification and customer convenience go hand in hand. Thanks to various online verification services, customers can easily identify themselves, log in quickly and securely, scan IDs and sign contracts. The onboarding of new customers and the service to existing customers therefore feels like a happy flow on a super-fast slide.

Translating Rabo Identity Services into the real world

The proposition and positioning were translated to a landing page, sales presentation and multiple online videos. We developed the script and, in collaboration with production agency Spektr, produced a hero video and 3 short spin-offs that were used online. All communication is focused on the fact that this is not a standard Rabobank product: we are distinctive and fresh in both tone-of-voice and layout.

What we’ve delivered
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