Old Capital

Building a disruptive new recruitment brand and platform

The challenge

Old Capital, a new recruitment agency for talented and experienced people over 55, asked for our help in creating their Brand Identity and managing the entire roll-out of their new platform.

Building the Brand Identity

Based on the Brand Archetype Model, we developed the style and positioning of Old Capital. Old Capital isn’t for the young, but for employees with a lot of work experience, for those who can’t sit still. Old Capital is modern and fights against the stereotypes of older workers. This rebellious character of Old Capital is reflected in the colors, the photos, the graphics, the fonts and the tone of voice of the brand.

Rumour around the brand

We developed the complete online presence. We took on the design of the website, the creative advertising concepts, and the social strategy. This led to more than 500 registrations before the official launch. The icing on the cake was the launch with an accompanying video, in which Queen Bea shows us, once again, that the older generation works a lot harder than all those youngsters. The video has been viewed more than 613,000 times.

What we’ve delivered
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