Visualizing trends within market categories in a unique and creative way

Visualizing consumer trends

Nestlé understands consumer trends like no other. Every year they set out their strategy for the future based on these trends and other market information. We were asked to visualize all this information in an inspiring way.

Making sales decks come to life

Qi developed sales decks for the various Nestlé categories that visualize these consumer trends and market information. Because what is made visual comes to life. We did this for the coffee market (Nescafé & Starbucks), the soup market (Maggi), and the veggie market (Garden Gourmet). To accompany the sales decks, we also made videos that brought the categories even more to life. In this way, it is possible to discuss the future of these different categories in an inspiring way, both internally and externally.

What we’ve delivered
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